Mentorship matters

Lack of ongoing support is a major reason why students from the underserved community don’t succeed at technical education and employment. And we understand how tough it can be for young people in these communities—because our founder, Danny lived it.

Urban Tech Hero offers mentoring support to complement the Google Career Certificate Tech scholarships we issue. The purpose is to support students by developing their Hero character and leadership skills so critical to success in their education and future career.

Becoming a Tech Hero Mentor is a rewarding way to use your professional skills to help a deserving student.

So, what is a Tech Hero Mentor?

Tech Hero Mentors are professionals who volunteer to mentor students during their IT certification and employment journey. They are not necessarily IT experts, however, they provide mission-critical support by sharing their career experience and leadership skills.

Mentor responsibilities include:

  • Accountability partner - keep the student on track with coursework.
  • Character and leadership coach - promote personal growth and inspire the student’s inner hero.
  • Provide honest feedback in a motivating way - promote self-awareness and improve performance.
  • Communicate with the student regularly - meet one hour per week to build rapport and trust.

Worried about...

  • lacking tech expertise? We are not seeking IT experts. Students receive technical support from the Coursera platform. What’s most important is your leadership and communication skills. Your only involvement in coursework is to 1) support the student in setting and achieving goals and 2) be an accountability partner.
  • training requirements? We have an established onboarding process which is designed to make efficient use of your valuable time.
  • the time commitment? We suggest scheduling regular weekly communication with your student (target: one hour/week)
  • the length of mentoring time? It’s important that mentoring continue beyond certification through the interviewing and hiring process. The typical mentoring period ranges anywhere from eight months to one year.

If you are a professional and want to mentor a UTH student, we want to hear from you.

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Become a hero to a UTH student and inspire their inner hero. It will change your life.

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