Our mission at Urban Tech Hero is to connect underserved youth to the



Urban Tech Hero inspires young adults to become heroes to their community by helping develop their character, leadership and tech credentials.

Tech Hero Program

We develop students into Tech Heroes—our term for individuals who achieve and inspire IT certification and employment.

  • Our program is made up of students and mentors.
  • Young people can apply for a scholarship which pays for an IT certification class.
  • Students are then matched with a mentor. The mentor teaches them all about our Hero beliefs and values, inspiring them to develop into strong leaders.
  • Students gain valuable work experience during their training so they can qualify and get hired for a high demand IT job.


Our vision is to build a pipeline of Tech Heroes that will transform the underserved community from economically disadvantaged to technologically empowered.


Urban Tech Hero was started by Danny DeJesus, whose story is about struggling to survive, then rising above his upbringing in a low income neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware.

For many of us, the lack of education and opportunity, and just trying to survive causes us to head down an unfortunate, predictable path of unemployment, poverty, etc. However, Danny experienced the transformative impact technical education and positive mentors brought to his life. They helped him get certified in IT, turn his life around, and get on the path to success.

Then Danny discovered his true purpose: to connect underserved youth to the superpower of tech. He embarked on the mission to help others like him and Urban Tech Hero was born. Danny was the original Tech Hero, however he knows there are many more out there in the underserved communities.

More about Danny’s story



We believe that tech is a superpower - and we’ll show you how to get it.

We believe that everyone can be a hero to their community - and we’ll show you how.

Hero Values

We strive to do what heroes do every single day:

  • Believe in yourself - have courage
  • See potential vs. obstacles - know that you’ve GOT this
  • Go above and beyond - inspire others to do the same
  • Have discipline and commitment - never quit
  • Connect - be open
  • Keep it real and respectful - admit your mistakes