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That’s why we’re looking to create more equity and opportunity with this mentorship program. Our Tech Heroes will serve as IT mentors and accountability partners for each participating underserved youth and will help them discover their own tech superpower.

We know that lack of ongoing support is a major reason why underserved students don’t succeed at technical education and employment. And we understand how tough it can be in general for youth in these communities. We know it

because we lived it.
because we lived it
Why a Mentorship Program?

Instead, we are in the business of creating Tech Heroes!

Urban Tech Hero is different from other tech educators because we are not in the Tech Education business.


Dedicating yourself to improving the quality of life of the underserved community—and giving them hope

Discovering your inner hero and tech superpowers to mentor others and inspire them to become a Tech Hero

Using your tech superpower to go above and beyond your own needs and tackle real needs in the underserved community

Being a Tech Hero means:

Giving others hope

Inspiring us to be great

Going above and beyond

Being a hero means:

We are constantly looking for professionals to join us and become role models and heroes.

Our Tech Hero program is a unique mentorship opportunity for professionals looking to make a real and lasting impact on a young person’s life. We see an opportunity to position disadvantaged youth for career success by equipping them with best-in-class technical education at no cost, and providing mentoring support throughout the certification and hiring process. We believe our work here will help transform the community from economically disadvantaged to technologically empowered.

for the good of underserved communities by becoming Tech Heroes.

We are inviting professionals to use their tech skills (we like to call them superpowers)

Join our Tech Hero program
Join our Tech Hero program

If you are a professional and want to mentor
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